WorldEdit is an easy-to-use in-game world editor for Minecraft, supporting both single player and multiplayer.

Fix griefing and other issues without shutting down your server
Quickly create, replace or delete thousands of blocks in seconds
Level an entire mountain and replace it with natural looking terrain
Use hand-bound tools and brushes to quickly make changes
Generate spheres, cylinders, cuboids, forests, pumpkin patches, and snowy areas
Use your compass to quickly teleport to areas by left clicking or using /jumpto
Choose an area and have it instantly restored from backups
Copy areas, paste them, load them, and save them as .schematics

NOTE: This version is for Bukkit. Looking for the Minecraft Forge version?

WorldEdit has no impact on your server when not in use. Only users that you trust can use WorldEdit, but you can extend this trust with a permission plugin. Try WorldEdit today!

The WorldEdit plugin supports platforms: PC




//limit <limit> Set a maximum number of blocks to change at most for all operations. This only affects you. Use this to prevent catastrophic accidents. This command will not override the limit in the configuration if it is set.
//undo [num-steps] Undo your last action.
//redo [num-steps] Redo your last (undone) action. This command replays back history and does not repeat the command.
/clearhistory Clear your history.
//wand Gives you the "edit wand" (by default, a wooden axe). Left click with this tool to select position 1 and right click to selection position 2.
/toggleeditwand Toggles the edit wand selection mode, allowing you to use the edit wand item normally.
//sel <cuboid|extend|poly|ellipsoid|sphere|cyl> Choose the region shape to use for selections.
//desel Deselects the current selection.
//pos1 Set selection position #1 to the block above the one that you are standing on.
//pos2 Set selection position #2 to the block above the one that you are standing on.
//hpos1 Set selection position #1 to the block that you are looking at.
//hpos2 Set selection position #2 to the block that you are looking at.
//chunk Select the chunk that you are within for your selection.
//expand <amount> Expands the selection in the direction that you are looking.
//expand <amount> <direction> Expands the selection in the specified direction (north, east, south, west, up, down).
//expand <amount> <reverse-amount> [direction] Expands the selection in two directions at once.
//expand vert Expands the selection to include sky to bedrock.
//contract <amount> Contracts the selection in the direction that you are looking.
//contract <amount> [direction] Contracts the selection in the specified direction (north, east, south, west, up, down).
//contract <amount> <reverse-amount> [direction] Contracts the selection in two directions at once.
//outset [-hv] <amount> Outset the selection in every direction.
//inset [-hv] <amount> Inset the selection in every direction.
//shift <amount> [direction] Moves the selection region. It does not move the selection's contents.
//size Get the size of selected region.
//count <block> Count the number of blocks in the region.
//distr [-c] Get the block distribution in the selection.
Region operations
//set <block> Set all blocks inside the selection region to a specified block.
//replace <to-block> Replace all non-air blocks inside the region.
//replace <from-block> <to-block> Replace all blocks of the specified block(s) with another block inside the region.
//overlay <block> Place a block on top of blocks inside the region.
//walls <block> Build the walls of the region (not including ceiling and floor).
//outline <block> Build walls, floor, and ceiling.
//smooth [iterations] Smooth the selection's heightmap.
//deform Deforms a selected region with an expression.
//hollow Hollows out objects contained in the selection.
//regen Regenerate the selection region.
//move [count] [direction] [leave-id] Move the selection's contents. A block can be specified to fill in the left over area.
//stack [count] [direction] Stacks the selection.
//naturalize Sets 3 layers of dirt on top of the surface of the selection, and then rock below.
//copy Copies the currently selected region. Be aware that it stores your position relative to the selection when copying.
//cut Cuts the currently selected region.
//paste [-ao] [-a] Pastes the clipboard. If you paste with -a, air blocks are being ignored.
//rotate <angle-in-degrees> Rotate the clipboard.
//flip [dir] Flip the clipboard.
//schematic or //schem save [&lt;format&gt;] <filename> Save clipboard to .schematic. (mcedit is currently the only format)
//schematic or //schem load [&lt;format&gt;] <filename> Load .schematic to clipboard.
//schematic or //schem list List all available schematics.
//schematic or //schem formats Display available schematic formats.
/clearclipboard Clear your clipboard.
//generate [formula] Generates a shape according to a given formula.
//hcyl <block> <radius> [height] Create a vertical hollow cylinder.
//cyl <block> <radius> [height] Create a vertical cylinder.
//sphere <block> <radius> [raised? true|false (default)] Create a sphere.
//hsphere <block> <radius> [raised? true|false (default)] Create a hollow sphere.
//pyramid <block> <size> Create a pyramid.
//hpyramid <block> <size> Create a hollow pyramid.
/forestgen [size] [type] [density] Make a forest.
/pumpkins [size] Make a pumpkin forest
/toggleplace Toggle between using pos #1 or your current position.
//fill <block> <radius> [depth] Fill a hole.
//fillr <block> <radius> Fill a hole fully recursively.
//drain <radius> Drain nearby water/lava pools.
/fixwater <radius> Level nearby pools of water.
/fixlava <radius> Level nearby pools of lava.
/removeabove [size] [height] Remove blocks above your head.
/removebelow [size] [height] Remove blocks below your feet.
/replacenear <size> <from-id> <to-id> Replace all existing blocks nearby.
/removenear [block] [size] Remove blocks near you.
/snow [radius] Simulate snow cover.
/thaw [radius] Thaw/remove snow.
//ex [size] Extinguish fires.
/butcher [radius] Kill nearby mobs.
/remove <type> <radius> Remove nearby entities. Type can be "items" for loose items/drops, arrows, boats, minecarts, tnt, or xp.
//green Greens the area.
Chunk tools
/chunkinfo Get the filename of the chunk that you are in.
/listchunks Print a list of used chunks.
/delchunks Generate a shell script to delete chunks.
Super pickaxe
// Toggle the super pick axe.
/sp single Switch to single block super pickaxe mode.
/sp area <range> Switch to area super pickaxe mode.
/sp recur <range> Switch to recursive super pickaxe mode.
/tool <repl|cycler|floodfill|brush|lrbuild|tree|deltree|farward|info> Select a tool to bind.
/none Switch to no tool.
/info Switch to the info tool.
/tree [type] Switch to the tree tool. Available types [tree, regular, big, bigtree, redwood, sequoia, tallredwood, tallsequoia, birch, white, whitebark, pine, randredwood, randomredwood, anyredwood, rand, random]
//repl <block> Switch to the block replacer tool.
//cycler Block data cycler tool.
//tool brush <sphere|smooth|gravity|cylinder|clipboard|ex> Select a brush using /tool (See /brush).
/brush sphere [-h] <type> <radius> Switch to the sphere brush tool.
/brush cylinder [-h] <type> <radius> [height] Switch to the cylinder brush tool.
/brush clipboard Switch to the clipboard tool.
/brush smooth <radius> [iterations] Smooth the region.
/size <size> Change the size of the current brushes
//mat <mat> Change the material used by your current brush.
//mask Clear the mask
//mask <mask> Set a mask
//gmask <mask> Set the global mask.
Getting around
/unstuck Go up to the first free spot.
/ascend Go up one level.
/descend Go down one level.
/ceil [clearance] Get to the ceiling.
/thru Go through the wall that you are looking at.
/jumpto Jump to the block that you are looking at.
/up [distance] Go up some distance.
//restore [snapshot] Restore a particular snapshot.
//snapshot use <snapshot> Use a particular snapshot.
//snapshot list [num] List the 5 newest snapshots.
//snapshot before <date> Find the first snapshot before the given date.
//snapshot after <date> Find the first snapshot after the given date.
/cs [removed] [args...] Executes a script.
/.s [args...] Re-executes last script with new arguments.
/[removed].js [args...] Executes a JS script.
General commands
/searchitem Search for an item by its name.
/worldedit WorldEdit commands.
/worldedit help [command] Displays help documentation for the given command, or lists all commands if none are given (aliased to //help).
//worldedit reload Reloads WorldEdit's configuration.
//worldedit version Gets WorldEdit's version.
//worldedit tz Set your time zone. This is temporary.
//fast Toggles fastmode performance.
/biome Get the biometype you are standing in.
/biomelist List the available biome types
/biomeinfo [-pt] Get the biome of the targeted block.
//setbiome [-p] <biome type> Set the selected area to the specified biome type.

The -p flag changes the block (column) you are standing in.

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