Minecraft Servers

[Hard]SteeltonMC: Survival Semi-vanilla
  • play.steeltonmc.com:25565
  • +15
Welcome to Hardmode Vanilla Survival! 1.15.2
  • vanilla.stonepeakminecraft.com:25565
  • +9
NEXUS NETWORK Whitelist Server/Divine Mod Pack
  • divine.nexusnet.work:25565
  • +7
ާf: Rainbow Taco ;ާreee Server Online eee
  • mc.rainbowtaco.net:25565
  • +6
Minelore | The world is yours.
  • mc.minelore.net:25565
  • +5
  • s1.empirecraft.pro:25565
  • +1
---[- Mineplex Games -]--- ★ PLAY NOW! ★
  • us.mineplex.com:25565
  • 77+1
SuperSky Survival 1.15.2
  • mc.supersky.org.ua:25565
  • 65+1
  • emeraldcubes.ml:36565
  • 63+1
Acacia Craft
  • 15
Server by Ruminecraft
  • 22
other fun stuff
  • 5
  • 7
  • 5
A Minecraft Server
  • 5
Server.pro | SkyPvP by MineSborka.ru
  • 17
A Minecraft Server
  • 5


Minecraft Statistics is a unique site where a lot of data is collected for Minecraft. Here you will find monitoring of all popular Servers, Minecraft Players, Minecraft Skins, unique Statistics, Downloads, Plugins, and much more!

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About Minecraft Statistics

Welcome to the biggest Minecraft monitoring. Most Minecraft ratings and monitoring websites do not keep detailed statistics, but only poll the server and display the data of the servers at the moment, a major factor in the ranking of the game servers, such monitoring are the voices of users. We, in turn, have developed our own algorithms for ranking servers that would choose for you the best minecraft server, based on your preferences and your location. So we are unique compared to the of monitoring websites.

  • Monitoring collects data from almost all Popular Minecraft Servers, we have more than 60 thousand servers in our database and growing daily.
  • For each Minecraft server, monitor calculates the rating of the players today, yesterday and for all time! All these data are stored since the server was added to monitoring.
  • Each server has a beautiful userbars in different formats and with different types of data:
    • HTML userbar with full data: status, version, name, number of players online, the list of players online, ranking server players.
    • Banner as image, with the charts of players online, server load, server records etc.
    • Banner in Minecraft style with short information about the status of the server - name, status, online players, version, and country in which the server is located.
    • Mini userbars for forums - they take up little space, but very well attract the attention of future players.
  • Monitoring captures and records the various changes for each server, and records statistics for each player, and plugin on a server.
  • Hard to imagine, but the monitor stores information on more than 32 million players that have ever played Minecraft servers.
  • For each Minecraft player monitoring records in its history and statistics database - where the player played, when playing, total time spent on the server, server visited the player, how many hours a day the player is playing as well as his skin, UUID, the history of nicknames and much more.
  • For all of our monitoring of players we have Userbars, that can be inserted on the server or forum site, so that others see your stats and when you are online, by clicking you can go and see the server on which you play, your friends will always play with you on any server!
  • Recently, our monitoring began recording Minecraft skins, handle and stack in a convenient way that you could find any player skin, even if you look at the player's skin nick. Now our collection is bigger than 250 thousand skins and it is updated with new skins every minute. Here you will not find the same skins - all skins are unique, and most importantly - any skin you can download or install it on minecraft.net in one click.
  • Our monitoring includes the most current plug-in base, including copyright. If you are the author of the plugin, we help you to get your personal page of your plugin, description, instructions, videos and links to your official site!
  • For owners of the servers we offer services to promote Minecraft servers on top and easy server control panel.
  • Under "Downloads" you can download server for minecraft. All versions of servers collected by hand, do not contain plug-ins and other foreign mods that you can guarantee the security and stability of your future Minecraft server. If you're a pro and you have to clean the core bukkit, spigot or craftbukkit - you've come to the right place!
  • Well, the last of the important: Our monitoring provides an API for servers and players - you can get information about the server or player in json format in real time.

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