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Minecraft server play.brlns.net:25565
  • play.brlns.net:25565
  • +1
  • frog.aternos.org:10415
  • +1
  • emeraldcubes.ml:36565
  • 63+1
---[- Mineplex Clans -]--- » SEASON SIX «
  • clanseu.mineplex.com:25565
  • 62+1
  • 57+1
Paladium server
  • play.paladium-pvp.fr:25565
  • 57+1
WellMore - New Year is coming...
  • 55


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  • n00bsbelike

    Hey thanks for the info! i really hope i can meet my old friend again.

    Karlygrug Karlygrug
  • bravewolf11

    discord bravewolf100#1205

    bravewolf11 bravewolf11
  • ODD1

    Я являлся игроком этого сервера, до 09.12.19.
    Отношение администрации к игрокам - негативное.
    Играть спокойно не дают, тепаються, нарушают игровой процесс.
    Сервер настроен криво. Он не соответствует заданным требованиям.
    Банят, за свои кривые руки, склоняются к Читам/Багоюзам.
    Экономика - нулевая. Хоть, что то и пытаются сделать.
    За самую простейшею работу, обвиняют в багоюзе.

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  • keendy
  • Dimfsdsfdedsge

    Крутой сервер

    server icon
  • TheFutureBowtie

    (3) I didn't return to the server until it was too late. And I beat myself up, looking at this Minecraft Statistics page. seeing the server with nostalgia. I think about the touching times I've had. And how much this server helped me in ways I couldn't believe, but now see. I'm grateful for the times, and I wish it was still up. But there are no eggs left in last year's nest. So while I can hope and wish for some miracle, I know it's not coming back. So I hope sincerely from the bottom of my heart that everyone is doing a-okay, Anna especially. If anyone would like to hit me up though for some reconnecting, my discord is TheFutureBowtie#6229. The only regret I have is not saying goodbye.

    server icon
  • TheFutureBowtie

    (2) Unless of course, it was a god(dess) you had beef with, cause that came with the lore and way you interacted with that god(dess), or other gods/goddesses, just one example of how over-the-top this server was. Events like that. A fond memory I have is being a follower of Fate, hearing how under-followed she is, and seeing her total lack of buildings around her temple. It made me feel included when I built my home and decorations around her temple, then get to meet her, /at her temple./ Actions had consequences, good and bad, making this server so organic, and alive. Practicing runic magic, wand magic, creating a family on this server with the community and literally, then joining the wonderful mod team, then having school start...and losing time...and interest. +++

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  • TheFutureBowtie

    (1) I'm writing this for some melancholy-closure for the single most fun server I've ever had the joy of playing on, that I wasn't grateful enough for when I did get to join. I'm TheFutureBowtie, and I joined with an immediate inclination to the Goddess of Magic, Fate. I joined her faction, and I was explained the basic mechanics of sacrifices, building, and God mechanics, then let loose. The server's community and staff was unitedly friendly, and I couldn't experience any group of people more caring and fun. The server was creative, had lore, soft-roleplaying, cool-plugins, and even cooler events. Nothing was more fun than meeting your god(dess) on the server, and actually talking to them. +++

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