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  • asriel_1611 about server он по графику отрубается на определенное время или случайно на неопределенное?

  • ivan_tatarenkov about server Отличный сервер адекватное сообщество рекомендую
  • _Evelin_ about server Интересный сервер! Экономика, данжи! Лампово, весело, всем советую!
  • xdMantequilla about server Is there a place to sign up to become admin/mod? Cuz ive been playing this server constant almost everyday and play almost all the time, so it be kinda cool. jus checking lol
  • Frederikll about player 0hShiit I found another server
  • Frederikll about player 0hShiit Follow my insta : Mada_0.o
  • Frederikll about player 0hShiit Hey dude
  • Frederikll about server Is the server offline forever ?


  • IrresoluteArkia about server Played for a little bit, randomly almost got killed, started gathering wood, stone, making tools, then randomly got banned for seemingly no reason
  • Brigitta about server Lars wie komt man da rein mit dem handy weil ich kome nicht in den server rein

  • Basileulord about server This is a good server, good community, since it's still new its not famous, this server is basically survival with a pit of salt in it, economy and some basic plugins.

    -One of castlehaven's honorable players. Here since May 4th, 2019!

  • Beeniebobs about player Beeniebobs I often play on performium
  • Beeniebobs about player Beeniebobs Ok so I am Beeniebobs and there are tons of things wrong with this. Firstly, I have met none of the players you said I may know and I have only gone on 2 of the servers. Also, I play for about 5-7 hours a day, not 5. I have also got way more than 140 hours played as I play nearly everyday, generally for more than an hour. Also, I started way before 2015. Like way before. One more thing is that I play all the time so I don’t know where you got that graph from.
  • Multigamerclub about server hmm..
  • Doctor_Bond about player bobbypiglover Hey bobby, it's Doctor_bond! Try getting on potterworld again, it's changed and it'll be great to see you again!
  • Milo about server Waiting for that comeback

  • TheSkeleton900 about player TheSkeleton900 hey. its me. neat
  • RomanZayats995 about player RomanZayats995 Привет, я простой МАЙНКРАФТ игрок. Я люблю играть в майнкрафт и РОБЛОКС.
    Мой ник в Роблоксе RomanBlue5 в майнкрафте RomanZayats995

  • Nikita about player Silrend Человек Маршал на Kenig Craft :)