• 12.04.2018

Actions privacy policy

This privacy policy applies to all devices (phone, tablet, PC, TV and others) who use our site ( further monitoring.

Using the cookie

To work correctly, Monitoring, we need to record some data about you that you would be comfortable to work with the monitoring. It is necessary to authenticate users, and to adjust the date and time for your time zone.

What data is recorded in the cookie?

  • Session ID
  • IP address
  • Your time zone
  • Based on IP - your location
  • Other data that enhance our Monitoring

How long are stored cookie files?

All cookie files are stored 30 days, but if you do not use authorization, we will delete the data on the session at the server during the day. If you are using authentication, we store the data for 30 days.

How and who can use the cookie data?

These cookie exclusively uses our monitoring, we do not share your information with third-party services, and services.

What do I still need to know about a cookie using monitoring?

The code embedded Monitoring various services statistics and advertising, such as Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Yandex.Metrika, Facebook, Vkontakte, Google+ and others. They can collect your data independently from us. More details about the privacy policy of these services, you can read on the appointed Official websites of these services.

These are not related to the cookie

Our Monitoring gathers public data from public sources, and at this point I would like to explain to you where we take the data and why we have so much information.

Data from the game Minecraft servers

We collect statistics from public servers who allowed a survey about the UDP protocol, or PING, more about the protocol, read the link: If you are the owner of the server and do not want that to our monitoring statistics collected your server, you can disable a poll in our control panel or in the settings of the server (enable-query = false), but the statistics will be collected. If you want to disable part of the data, such as server plugins, or list of online players, you must do this at the server using the settings or additional plugins.

Information about players

We collect data only on those servers that we have in our Monitoring, and only where in the survey issued a list of players. Since we have in monitoring a large number of servers, it may seem that we are watching you - it is not. We collect data that are open to all. And any other service can collect the same data about you. All other data about your account, such as the UUID, skin and the history of nicknames we take through the open Mojang company API -

Personal data

We do not collect personal user data. However, some of our users often confuse the concept of "Personal data" and "Statistics fictional character." Player Stats is a statistics, as long as you do not claim that this account belongs to you.

Using the Monitor

If you do not agree with the privacy policy, please discontinue use of our monitoring.

If you have any questions, you can contact us, we will try to quickly and accurately answer You!