Everyone knows that the world of Minecraft can be generated for a long time, but the memory on the server is not dimensionless, this plugin will allow to establish the limits (of any form) on the size of the world.

The WorldBorder plugin supports platforms: PCPE




/wb - a list of all commands.
/wb set - set boundaries with center at your location.
/wb [world] set - set the boundaries of the world indicating the coordinates of the center.
/wb [world] radius - the radius change of borders in the world.
/wb [world] clear - remove the boundaries of the world.
/wb clear all - remove the boundaries of all worlds.
/wb list - see all the information about the boundaries of the world.
/wb shape square - change the shape of the boundaries on the square.
/wb shape round - change the shape of a circular boundaries.
/wb knockback - how many blocks from the border of the player will drop.
/wb [world] fill [frequency] [indent] - generate all the missing pieces of the map within the boundaries of the world. Standard frequency - 20, indent - 176.
/wb [world] trim [frequency] [indent] - cut pieces of card located outside the boundaries of the map. Standard frequency - 5000, indentation - 192.
/wb wshape [world] - Change the shape of the boundary only for this world.
/wb getmsg - display a message about reaching the borders of the world.
/wb setmsg - change the message on reaching borders of the world.
/wb delay - the number of ticks that the server will wait between checks borders. Default 4 teak (~ 200 ms), each server tick approximately ~ 50 ms.
/wb whoosh - enable / disable drop when the boundaries of the world.
/wb reload - reload the data plugin.
/wb debug - Enable / disable output debugging information to the console.w

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WorldBorder versions

1.8.7 124
1.9.0 70
1.8.1 44
1.7.7 21
1.8.5 20
1.8.6 17
1.7.1 16
1.8.4 7
1.8.0 4
1.7.6 3
1.0.0 3
1.7.9 3
1.1 3
1.8.3 2
1.7.2b 1
1.0 1