Everyone knows that the world of Minecraft can be generated for a long time, but the memory on the server is not dimensionless, this plugin will allow to establish the limits (of any form) on the size of the world.

Das WorldBorder-Plugin unterstützt die folgenden Plattformen: PC




/wb - a list of all commands.
/wb set - set boundaries with center at your location.
/wb [world] set - set the boundaries of the world indicating the coordinates of the center.
/wb [world] radius - the radius change of borders in the world.
/wb [world] clear - remove the boundaries of the world.
/wb clear all - remove the boundaries of all worlds.
/wb list - see all the information about the boundaries of the world.
/wb shape square - change the shape of the boundaries on the square.
/wb shape round - change the shape of a circular boundaries.
/wb knockback - how many blocks from the border of the player will drop.
/wb [world] fill [frequency] [indent] - generate all the missing pieces of the map within the boundaries of the world. Standard frequency - 20, indent - 176.
/wb [world] trim [frequency] [indent] - cut pieces of card located outside the boundaries of the map. Standard frequency - 5000, indentation - 192.
/wb wshape [world] - Change the shape of the boundary only for this world.
/wb getmsg - display a message about reaching the borders of the world.
/wb setmsg - change the message on reaching borders of the world.
/wb delay - the number of ticks that the server will wait between checks borders. Default 4 teak (~ 200 ms), each server tick approximately ~ 50 ms.
/wb whoosh - enable / disable drop when the boundaries of the world.
/wb reload - reload the data plugin.
/wb debug - Enable / disable output debugging information to the console.w

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WorldBorder versionen

1.9.10 17
2.1.5 10
1.8.7 8
1.18 6
2.1.4 4
1.7.1 4
1.8.1 4
1.7.9 4
1.19 3
2.1.0 2
1.9.0 2
2.1.2 1
1.8.5 1