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    Minecraft StatisticThis page plugin TARDIS, but it is not here yet. You can ask questions here and our community will try to help you!

TARDIS versions

TARDIS versions, chart the percentage of TARDIS versions that are installed on the servers.

3.7-b1592 3
3.7.1-b1621 1
3.8-beta-1-b1635 1
3.8-beta-1-b1633 1
2.8-b772 1

Servers with plugin TARDIS

Server monitoring

Runic-Network Survival

  • 1.12
  • DisruptedDimensions.mcserver.ws:25565
Server monitoring

Tardis Adventure Factions and Tardis

  • 1.11.2
  • tardisadventure.mc-srv.com:26262


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RServer | Starting, please wait... |

  • 1.11.2
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The best TARDIS server (and free) ask everyone :)

  • 1.12
  • thatsnotacreeper.com:25565
Server monitoring

Unknowncraft 1.11.2!! Make UC Great Again!!

  • 1.11.2
  • play.unknowncraft.us:25565