The essence of the plugin is to prevent offenders opportunities to use cheats. Anti-cheat prevents flights, as well as retains the standard speed when moving, prevents Nofall-Haq and NoSwing-Haq, has built-in anti-spam, limiting the number of messages sent by a player during a certain period of time. Protects against fast archery, rapid absorption of food and health recovery, prevents multiple blows, blows on distant targets and attacks on players are not in the line of sight. The plugin has a single system ban.

The NoCheatPlus plugin supports platforms: PC




/ncp reload - Reloads the plugin settings. Run after changing the config.
/ncp info [player] - Shows the level of suspicion player.
/ncp lag - Displays information about the joists, depending on the number of ticks per second (0% - 20 tps, 10% - 18 tps) in the last second, the last 3.33 and 270 seconds.
/ncp removeplayer [player] (type) - Removes all the information stored about a particular player plugin. It is also possible to delete information on the use of certain chiternyh opportunities.
/ncp exempt [player] (tip_proverki) - Release Player plugin from checking / verifying a certain cheat.
/ncp unexempt [player] (tip_proverki) - Include a check for a certain player, including checking for a certain cheat.
/ncp exemptions [player] (check_type) - Get a list of cheats that are not verified by a certain player.
/ncp commands - Get more detailed list of the command list.

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NoCheatPlus versions

3.16.0 142
3.13.7 59
3.15.1 42
3.16.1 22
3.12.0 16
3.15.2 15
3.15.0 15
3.11.1 7
3.14.0 4
3.12.1 3
3.10.7 2
3.10.4 1
3.8.4 1