With this plugin, you can spice up your game world - creating several characters living on spawn or in cities. The plugin allows you to create 7 types of bots.
1. Aggressive. See you, they will attack.
2. Blacksmiths repair your stuff.
3. Soldiers - they can protect your respawn, fending off mobs or players who will attack.
4. Healers.
5. Quester - gives tasks (quests) players after the award of objects. Quests can be configured in the settings.
6. Vendors will help sell items for virtual currency. They can both buy and sell.
7. Wizards are the most versatile NPC. They perform a variety of tasks 5: weather control, teleportation, team-performance, mob-spawn, and the time change.

The Citizens plugin supports platforms: PC



Read more command -

Admin commands
/ citizens - Information about Planina
/ citizens reload - Reload NPC
/ citizens save - Save settings NPC

/citizens help - Show Citizens help menu
/npc help - Show NPC help menu
/trait help - Show trait help menu
/script help - Show scripting help menu
/template help - Show template help menu
/waypoints help - Show waypoints help menu

Commands fo NPC
/npc - Show basic NPC information
/npc age - Modify a NPC's age
/npc anchor - Changes/saves/lists NPC's location anchors
/npc behaviour - Adds and removes behaviours from an NPC. A behaviour is a script file that is executed and adds 'goals' to the NPC which can run every tick. These can do anything you can program/think of!
/npc controllable - Toggles the NPC's controllable status. Controllable NPCs can be right clicked to be mounted and controlled with WASD. Ghasts, Blazes and Endersragons can be flown by left clicking once mounted to pause/unpause flying.
/npc copy - Create a new NPC from the currently selected NPC, copying all traits.
/npc create - Create a new NPC.
Example : /npc create Jimbo Stevenson --type PIG "
/npc despawn - Despawn a NPC
/npc gamemode - Sets a Player NPC's game mode.
/npc gravity - Toggles gravity on the NPC.
/npc equip - Toggle equipment editor. see Equipment Editor Used for player armor, player and endermen items, sheep color/sheared, and pig saddles.
/npc list - List NPCs that match at least one of the given conditions
/npc lookclose - Toggle a NPC's look-close state
/npc moveto - The NPC's current location is taken as the base location. Value arguments are used to modify this base.
/npc mount - Mount the currently selected NPC, if it is controllable.
/npc owner - Sets the owner of a NPC
/npc path - Toggle path editor. Left click to add a waypoint, right click to remove, mousewheel or number keys to select individual waypoints.
/npc pathrange - Set the range in number of blocks in which the NPC can find a path.
/npc playerlist - Toggles an NPC as a 'real' player, so that it will be more recognised by other plugins, will keep chunks loaded and crops ticking.
/npc pose - Changes/Stores NPC's head position based on the Player's current position.
/npc power - Toggle whether a creeper NPC is powered
/npc profession - Change a villager-type NPC's profession.
/npc remove - Remove a NPC
/npc rename - Rename a NPC
/npc select - Selects a NPC with the given ID
/npc size - Sets a slime's size.
/npc skeletontype - Changes a Skeleton NPC's type (currently between WITHER and NORMAL)
/npc spawn - Spawn a existing NPC
/npc speed
/npc text - Toggle text editor. Note that players need the permission to hear NPCs!
/npc tphere - Teleport a NPC to your location
/npc tp - Teleport to a NPC
/npc type - Changes an NPC's mob type.
/npc vulnerable - Toggles whether the NPC can take damage and die, and whether monsters will target it when it is on the player list
/npc zombiemod - Sets a zombie NPC's modifiers.
/trait - "Adds the trait type to the NPC. NPCs can have multiple traits.
Example: /trait sentry "

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Citizens versions

2.0.24 224
2.0.16 115
2.0.22 105
2.0.21 8
2.0.14 8
2.0.17 6
2.0.13 5
2.0.23 3
2.0.18 1
2.0.11 1
2.0.19 1
2.0.12 1
2.0.10 1
2.0.9 1