It allows you to prevent those anyoing advertisers stealing your people from your server. What it does is it waits for an IP in the chat and when someone types an IP it intercepts the message and says to the person [AntiAd] DO NOT ADVERTISE! and gives them their first strike, the player has 3 chances and on the third chance will be punished using a command outputed from the console, this is editable in the config, It also sends a message to everyone with the permissions node: antiad.see: true and tells them who advertised and what the IP was so admins and moderators can take appropriate action. There is a Secondary feature that prevents spam, Long excessive words 'aaaaaaaaaaaaa' for example and it also blocks people writing in caps.

The AntiAd plugin supports platforms: PC




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AntiAd versions

2.2.5 28
1.0 7
2.3.2 4
2.3.1 3
2.3.4 3
2.2.1 2
2.3.3 2