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State: offline
UUID: 1ee0cb1f-2617-4b13-981b-8430bb90cddf
Statistics start date: 25.03.2021 03:03
Last played: 18.08.2022 07:35

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  • 13.01.2023 10:48
    laggynabOkay now I am playing on Democracy Craft, Hello Miners, Businesscraft and McCities... all 4 city servers..
  • 04.08.2022 14:31
    laggynaband no.. i don't play democracy craft.. wish i could though but I'm just me and i have other places to be.. by the way people who are very close friends of mine keep thinking that i am a pedophile.. this hurts pretty bad.. but i will deal with it patiently. I suppose rumors like these just keep coming with age, it's been 6 whole years since I was a part of mccities. And in that time I have met both people who like and and people who don't.
  • 11.06.2022 11:40
    laggynabIt's actually good to play just 1 hour per day..
    Many people don't even get the chance for that
  • 04.07.2017 18:20
    laggynab1 hour per day... fuuuu!!
  • 27.05.2017 08:33
    laggynab;-; 1 hour per day ;-;.... I want it to be 6 hours per day ;-; Curse my internet...
  • 15.03.2017 12:02
    laggynabI went to Agora and MCM to see why they were played by my fellow comrades long ago.
  • 05.03.2017 13:21
    laggynab2 hours per day.... Horrible!
  • 19.10.2016 18:58
    laggynabhahaha. I see that i am very active! I am having 4 hours of mccities per day! thats good!

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