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State: online
UUID: 476d847b-4b87-47bf-8e68-9852592962c2
Statistics start date: 30.12.2021 06:14
Last played: 13.05.2022 01:31

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  • 2022.05.13
  • 396 hours

Reviews of DysislecConMan69

  • 03.05.2022 18:15
    jutuberek_pylyi wish you get hit by a train and you survive and lose all your mobility
  • 03.05.2022 18:12
    jutuberek_pylyYou ruined my life
  • 20.03.2022 09:39
    jutuberek_pylyyou're a rude poopy head
  • 17.03.2022 18:20
    jutuberek_pylyYour family should be slaughtered like the pests you are
  • 17.03.2022 18:20
    jutuberek_pylyIm not fucking joining blitzkraft ever again in my life because of shits like you and CMihai who constantly kill eachother and the server even encourages it by giving rewards for it, you'll just say "but its a pvp server" well yeah exactly what im saying, its not a server for me, fuck you and i am so glad that by quitting this server i will never encounter you again
  • 17.03.2022 00:30
    jutuberek_pylyBut still fuck you sadistic fuck you did not bring any justice i did not harm anyone or do anything to deserve this kind of treatment you are just shitty and you have a sad life with no future which is why you need to do shit like this to make yourself feel more accomplished
  • 17.03.2022 00:28
    jutuberek_pylyIf you truly want to bring justice then kill CMihai, he was the one who killed your friend, not me
  • 15.03.2022 23:12
    jutuberek_pylyyou fucking cunt, you deserve to have Putin's erect dick rammed into your ass
  • 15.03.2022 22:10
    jutuberek_pylylike a fish tank with salty boiling water and jellyfish venom you fucking cunt you fucking suck please fucking die please you fucking cocksucker i hate you so much you are the cause of all my problems i would fucking chocke you if you were in front of me right now you little ass pussy you are truly pathetic
  • 15.03.2022 22:09
    jutuberek_pylyyou fucking suck at life hope you fucking get skinned alive and put in salt water with jellyfish

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