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Status: online
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Spieler: 0/1000
Version: 1.19
1.19.2 1.19.1 1.19
Land: GB England
Servertyp: PC Edition
Spielmodus: FML
Karte: world
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Serversoftware: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.19.x
Join now: play.wildsurvival.me

Welcome to WildSurvival!

What are we about?

We are a Minecraft server that focusses on improvement and adding a variety of fun things to do on the server.

It's a Survival server that has been customized to make the experience more fun and special.


- Claims, we make sure your stuff and land is protected at all cost! You can buy claimblocks with In-Game money or by just playing!
- Dungeons is a fun aspect added to the server that if you don't wanna survival but still gain money, you can always try the dungeons alone or with friends!
- Jobs which you can gain money from by doing the thing you like such as building.
- Quests which can get you to earn a paycheck and maybe it adds a challenge for you?
- Seasons we have seasons which adds a whole other level tot the gameplay and it makes the experience even more special! If you don't like the season you can always do /voteseason and vote with the players to skip the current season!
- Everything is NO P2W which means everything that you can see at /buy is obtainable in-game! Even crate keys which you can get for example by mining.
- Ranks, there are rank-ups which require in-game money to get higher and each rank adds something new and rewarding!
- We have custom fishing which you can also gain money from! Will you catch the biggest?
- And so much more to explore!

Why this server?

- Our server will be maintained each day and will have regular updates.
- All the suggestions that are made to the server will be looked into.
- Each bug that occurs, we will make sure it gets fixed as soon as possible.
- Our community is very humble and friendly and maybe you're the one that hypes it up even more?

So, are you ready to join and start your adventure at WildSurvival?

#survival #claims #claiming #claim #towny #vanilla #dungeons #town #towns #dungeonsxl #griefprevention

Registrierung und Login

We have a discord which allows you all to be able to speak with each other and also be updated frequently!

DISCORD: https://discord.com/invite/Jb8cWZPGf8


Server Rules
➤ Respect other.
➤ No advertising or mentioning other servers.
➤ Don’t ask to become staff.
➤ Don’t impersonate staff.
Chat Rules
➤ No spamming.
➤ No racism.
➤ No all caps talking. This is considered shouting.
➤ No unapproved links.
➤ Be appropriate.
➤ Don’t curse in public chats or in personal ones.
➤ In-game chat can be seen in Discord, be nice to people!
Gameplay Rules
➤ No mods are allowed; however, clients such as Badlion and Lunar are allowed.
➤ Please be aware that using any unapproved mod will get you a warning then a ban.
➤ No begging. Asking nicely once or twice is acceptable.
➤ No giefing
➤ No 1×1 tall towers or holes.
➤ Please don’t try and crash the plugins or bots
➤ No hacking.
➤ No massive redstone clocks or devices that run 24/7 without approval.
➤ No offensive builds, names or skins.
➤ No death traps or places where other users will definitely die
➤ No scamming players.
➤ All technical issues or support issues related to our server, go through discord.
Player Rules
➤ We do not like having to implement penalties and sanctions on players.
➤ 1 account per person is allowed! If you need 2 accounts for a reason, let us know.
➤ Each Moderator/Admin has been carefully trained and works on our disciplines.
➤ If you are currently banned and need further clarification or support on the issue, please submit a ticket on discord!
➤ By not adhering to the rules outlined here, you may be muted, kicked, temp-banned, banned, IP blocked from the server (Based on the system we use for punishments)/
➤ Cyber-bullying or will not be tolerated and will be resulted in an instant ban.

Wie verbinde ich mich und spiele auf diesem Server?

  1. Sie müssen das Spiel installiert haben, Version 1.19.
    Wie kann ich das überprüfen? Wenn Sie den Launcher starten, wird die Version des Spiels rechts unten angezeigt. Wenn es sich um eine andere Version handelt, sollten Sie das aktuelle Profil (links unten) ändern und Version 1.19 auswählen
  2. Klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche PLAY, warten Sie, bis das Minecraft-Spiel geladen wird.
  3. Wähle: Multiplayer
  4. Klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche "Direkte Verbindung" oder, wenn Sie den Server in Ihrer Liste speichern möchten, klicken Sie auf "Server hinzufügen"
  5. Im Feld "Serveradresse" schreiben Sie: play.wildsurvival.me (Klicken Sie, um zu kopieren)
  • play.wildsurvival.me












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