Иногда при телепортации к игроку, некоторые начинают паниковать или что-то просить, этот плагин спрячет вас от надоедливых попрошаек.

Das VanishNoPacket-Plugin unterstützt die folgenden Plattformen: PC


/vanish on - включить режим невидимости
/vanish off - выключить режим невидимости

Diskussion VanishNoPacket

  • 01.09.2018 01:08
    PenguinI'd wished this server was still active today because this server is the best creative server I ever found and still is today to me I wish I can go back in time to play this wonderful server if I could I would I really hope the Owner/Creator of this wonderful server can read this message and see light in reopening this server I really love the term "The Sky Is Not The Limit" Because is true. From penguin70363 Owner, if you wanted to contact me please do I'd be grateful my Discord is: penguin70363#3742

Server mit VanishNoPacket-Plugin
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Mithgar NEW
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A Koks_of_gerolf server
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VanishNoPacket versionen

3.20 19
3.20.1 11
3.19.1 3
3.19.2 1