Creates a floating text strings!
Floating icons!
Quick and easy to use.
Simple API for developers.
Convert images to a hologram with a single command.
You can create your own animations!
Includes animated colors of the rainbow!
Support any UTF-8 character.
Can display the number of players online on the server BungeeCord (support RedisBungee)
Support Bukkit 1.6.4, 1.7.2, 1.7.9, MCPC + 1.6.4 and 1.7.

Das HolographicDisplays-Plugin unterstützt die folgenden Plattformen: PCPE




/hologram (or /hd)
Main command of the plugin. Shows info about it, the version and the developer.

/hd help
Shows the main commands of the plugin, hovering on the commands will show help for each one.

/hd create <hologramName>
Creates a new hologram with the given name at your location. This name is used in the other commands.

/hd delete <hologramName>
Deletes a hologram.

/hd list [page]
Lists all the existing holograms and their locations.

/hd near <radius>
Lists all the near holograms in the given radius.

/hd teleport <hologramName>
Teleports you to the hologram.

/hd align <x|y|z|xz> <hologramToAlign> <referenceHologram>
Aligns the first hologram to the second in the given axis. For example, "y" aligns two holograms vertically, moving them to the same height, "xy" horizontally, moving them to the same x/z position.

/hd movehere <hologramName>
Moves a hologram to your feet.

/hd edit <hologramName>
Shows the command to modify an existing hologram.

/hd addline <hologramName> <text>
Adds a line of text to a hologram.

/hd removeline <hologramName> <number>
Removes the <number> line (from top to bottom).

/hd setline <hologramName> <number> <newText>
Changes the <number> line (from top to bottom).

/hd insertline <hologramName> <number> <text>
Inserts a line after the <number> line (from top to bottom). If 0, it will be added before the first line.

/hd readtext <hologramName> <fileWithExtension>
Reads the lines from a text file. Create a file &#40;for example logo.txt&#41; and put it into the plugin's folder. Create a new hologram (for example named 'test') and then do /hd readlines test logo.txt to paste the text file's lines into the hologram.

/hd readimage <hologramName> <imageWithExtension> <width>
Reads an image from the plugin's folder, with a given width (will be automatically resized, max width is 100 pixels). The symbol used will be taken from the config.yml. Transparent backgrounds are supported, you can choose in the config.yml what string should be used as space.
I recommand using " [|] " as space and the color &7 for transparency, because it has the same width as the block symbol "[x]" (if you didn't change the placeholders). You can also use a double space, but the image will not be perfectly aligned.

/hd fix <hologramName>
Fixes the lightning of a hologram, by creating a block of glowstone in the correct place. They won't be dark at night anymore.

/hd save
Saves everything to the database, though the plugin saves automatically.

/hd reload
Reloads the plugin and the databases.

Diskussion HolographicDisplays

  • 05.01.2018 11:09
    rtplayrtplay.aternos.me заходим играем версия 1.8-1.8.9 раздачи каждый день зайди и получи донат есть мини-игры





HolographicDisplays versionen

2.3.2 352
2.2.6 115
2.1.10 81
2.3.1 73
2.1.12 27
2.2.3 22
2.2 12
2.3.0 11
1.8.8 7
2.2.1 6
2.2.5 5
2.1.13 3
2.2.2 2
2.3.3 2
1.8 2
1.8.7 2
1.8.9 1
1.8.11 1