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  • djoice über spieler Hinata_Sho well i play for nick Hinata_Sho i'm playing the pirated version
  • Finxd über spieler Finxd the retromc server is correct, but i don't play on "corejourney" though
    also hypixel isn't shown but it's ok, i dont play it a lot anymore

  • Finxd über spieler Finxd i just created this account so i could write this: i own the account Finxd but my skin isn't showing up, also why does it show 17 hours as total playtime and only 24 minutes average (i have played a lot more, hours a day for years)
  • redr2d25_2405 über spieler RedR2D25 This are not my data from minecraft!
  • Vosterine über spieler Vosterine doesnt have my skin but whatever
  • unknown_gamer9123 über spieler unknowngamer685 whatsup buddy,I m unknowngamer685. I m a normal* player of this the server which go by the name of villagermc .i live in south-most-asian country. i do not usually play on other server cause i like my server cause there r loving committee of mc gamers._No i do not have any youtube channel but i would like to have 1._due to our committee i usually play for 3-4hours but due to some personal issues i am not able to play on the server like in old days.
  • caesi_craft1259 über spieler Gorvek found this guy here at this exact timestamp that the link is at with his old name alpine54

  • CountryGaming_9083 über server I love that there is both java and bedrock compatibility with this server
  • Кирилл_Лицензия4354 über spieler Kirill_BroYT Почему такая неверная статистика?
  • rikoshet185 über server Пapаша eбaнaя
  • CountryGaming_9083 über server I have never seen another server network like Ragnarok it is 1 of a kind and is truly awesome
  • CountryGaming_9083 über server Have you guys seen the new server website? It looks amazing
  • LMaxx_1317 über spieler LMaxx Короче рассказываю: это я LMaxx, у меня есть канал на ютубе с таким же ником, я чаще всего играю на приватном сервере СП (5 сезон), не знаю что ещё говорить так что всё.
  • CountryGaming_9083 über server I am loving the new fishing area that is near /warp town
  • Vaskyy über server Nice Server with some good guys, nice buildings, and crazy farms :)
  • Vaskyy über spieler Xios12 Good detail builder!
  • Павел_Некрасов9332 über server Очень крутой сервер!
  • CountryGaming_9083 über server Some Technical Tweaks
    Translated for us common folk
    ● Talismans will now work in your offhand again! It do be voodoo.
    ● Optimus Primed the chunk hoppers.
    ● Through some sort of sorcery chest protections will now cause less lag in creating and removing locks.
    ● Armor stand editor hocus pocused to cause less client lag.
    ● Bippity boppity booped the protocol support for 1.19.1 and 1.19.2 clients.
    ● Ironed out crate animations so they'd run more smoothly, wrinkle free.

    ⁎❈New Particle system for crates, voting and loot boxes.❈⁎

  • Локи_2789 über server
    Айнкрад - Приватный Ванильный Сервер созданный исключительно для совместной игры , сервер в котором нет места токсичности и оскорблениям . На данном проекте вы встретите наверно одних из самых общительных , смешных и просто приятных в общении личностей . Плагинами сервер максимально ограничен так как хотелось бы создать комфорт в игре
    .На данном этапе сервер развивается и с каждым днём становится лучше . Надеюсь вы присоединитесь к нашему маленькому сообществу и станете одним из игроков этого замечательного проекта.

    Анкету заполнять по ссылке:

    Vk -
    Tiktok -

    IP: | |
    Версия: 1.19

  • CountryGaming_9083 über server Catch up on the updates we've made to the server and plugins!


    The monthly donations have been gathered and counted and I am happy to announce that for the next 5 days all flight is free for citizens and above and all votes give double rewards, This includes vote parties. We have also made a new /kit party that you can claim every 24 hours.