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Версія: 1.18.2
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Країна: DE Німеччина
Тип сервера: PC Edition
Тип гри: SMP
Мапа: world
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ПЗ сервера: Purpur 1.18.2

Version: 1.8-1.18.x

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From the beginning we were a SMP server and then we thought that our players were bored so we set out to develop these things:

-SMP: SMP server means: you spawn somewhere on a world and try to play through Minecraft with other players. With us, you can do just that with homes, TPA features, and more.

-Hardcore: Just normal survival, but if you die you can't play for 24 hours of course you lose your stuff too!

-Citybuild or Plot World: Build your stuff protected in plots. With the store you can buy the different things! Your plot is protected and you can build together with others!

-Parkour: is an obstacle course in Minecraft that tests players' agility by requiring them to run, jump, and perform other acrobatic movements to get from point A to point B. The goal of Parkour is to get from the start to the finish as quickly as possible.

-Skyblock is a very popular adventure world that is all about survival with minimal resources. You start on a very small floating island made of earth (the eponymous skyblock), where there is only a single tree and a chest. The objective is to play through Minecraft.

-Oneblock: Start your Oneblock survival adventure with just a single block! Every time you take down the block, you'll get a random new block to expand your island with. Every now and then you'll even get a bonus chest!

-Kitpvp: Fight against other players in a large arena. With different kits you can choose which weapons or improvements you want to have. Very good for PVP training!

-Duels: Fight against your opponent in normal PVP. We have Sumo, Combo, Classic and Pearl Fight. Sumo: On a small platform you fight with your hand. Combo: Like classic only you have no cooldown when hitting. Classic: Normal 1 vs 1 PVP. Pearl Fight. Don't fall down, you have a knockback stick and Ender Pearl.

-TNTRun: The TNT disappears under be the last survivor in the arena.

-Hunger Games: Supplies are kept in chests and each player must clean up as much as possible before sprinting into the surrounding wilderness. It's a tricky proposition, as many players immediately start attacking each other to grab the best weapons and other resources. Once the initial action dies down, players begin to methodically hunt each other down in hopes of being the last player alive.

-Economy: There is, of course, an economic system on the server. So you can earn money by selling things, this money you can in turn spend on new weapons/tools or building materials.

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    WuemeliIt's a cool SMP and Minigame Server

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