Blyatski SMP SEASON 1

Статус: оффлайн
IP адреса та порт:
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Гравці: 0/50
Версія: 1.16.5
Країна: GB Англія
Тип сервера: PC Edition
Тип гри: SMP
Мапа: world
Оновлено: Виключений з моніторингу
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ПЗ сервера: Spigot 1.16.5
Hey everyone,

I just want to post here to let you know that Blyatski SMP is searching for new players to join the server!

General Info:

This season began at the start of April 2021. Most players have their own areas/bases but there is a communal spawn village for everyone to participate in. This server draws a lot of inspiration from Hermitcraft. In terms of progress, the server is not too far established and there is lots of opportunity for new players.

Gameplay Changes:

To enhance gameplay, this server has a few extra addons. Some addons may seems a bit cheaty, but they're there for the ease of our players.

We have a range of modifications to make for a better experience.

Essentials is also installed allowing players to use /tpa, /spawn, /home, and /warp.

Rank System/Hierarchy:

A new system has been implemented to distinguish players apart. Previously, there were too many requirements in order to keep your position on the server. Now once players are accepted, they become permanent members of the server. The only way to be kicked is by breaking the rules or being very inactive.

Our ranks are:


Default permissions (/tpa, /spawn, /home, /warp, /list, /mail, etc), access to Discord.


Must be Guest for at least one week, have decent game time logged, showcase your base, review core-protect logs, vouch from a member to earn this rank. Permissions include /nick.


Must be Member and this is decided by existing Trusted players. It looks cooler :).


You are allowed to have a camera account whitelisted onto the server. You must be a Member to unlock this feature.

How to Join?

I hope by now you are interested in joining the SMP!

Below is a link to our Discord. In there look for the channel named #bot-commands when in there type !apply and you will get a DM with the questions, answer to the best of your abilities! We will contact you ASAP after you send your application!

We are looking to recruit many new players and introduce them into the server in waves. This way there will be other people in the same position as you, and make it easier to create friends, plan your adventure and be a part of the community.

Good luck everyone, and I look forward to reading your responses!

#survival #spigot #shop #economy #shops #multiplayer #vanilla

Реєстрація та вхід

Not for now, we might re-add whitelist, then you apply via the discord


- No griefing
- No swearing
- Keep it to english in chat
- No excessive killing
- No stealing
- No racism

Як підключитися і грати на цьому сервері?

  1. У вас повинна бути встановлена гра версії 1.16.5.
    Як це перевірити? При старті лаунчера, версія гри буде відображена праворуч, знизу. Якщо вона іншої версії, вам слід змінити поточний профіль (зліва, знизу) і вибрати версію 1.16.5
  2. Натисніть кнопку ГРАТИ, зачекайте завантаження Minecraft.
  3. Виберіть: Гра у мережі
  4. Натисніть кнопку "Пряме підключення", або якщо хочете зберегти сервер у своєму списку, натискаєте кнопку "Додати сервер"
  5. У поле "Адреса сервера" напишіть: (натисніть, щоб скопіювати)












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  • 30 хвилин тому
    Minecraft StatisticЛаскаво просимо на сторінку сервера! До цього сервера ще немає коментарів, але ви можете це виправити! Напишіть відгук про сервер! Чи сподобалося вам грати на ньому? Що цікавого є на сервері? Які проблеми у вас виникають, коли ви граєте на сервері? Пишіть про свої пригоди, івенти, споруди, і не забувайте додавати скріншоти. Напишіть все, що вважаєте за потрібне, спільнота гравців хоче знати більше!

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