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Гравці: 16/120
Версія: 1.7.10
Країна: GB Англія
Тип сервера: PC Edition
Тип гри: SMP
Мапа: freedonia
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True Survival, Without the Grief

Home of Freedonia - the oldest Minecraft SMP world online!

MinecraftOnline is a free-build server with zero tolerance to grief. This means you don't need protection for your buildings, and you aren't limited in where and what you can build - as long as you don't damage anything anyone else made, you're free to do what you want. Our effective staff team make sure that your work is always safe from grief.
* Friendly, helpful and professional staff team present 24/7.
* Close-knit community of intelligent and mature individuals.
* Zero tolerance to grief, all bans are permanent.
* Free speech - nothing you can say can get you banned or muted, as long as you dont spam.
* Massive world that has been online and open to free build continuously since 4th August 2010 - over 50,000 unique players have built here.
* Heavily customised software - the majority of our software has been written by our own programmers specifically for MinecraftOnline.
* High-end professional hardware hosted in a well connected European data centre - no lag either in Europe or the US.
* Loads of minigames - Pigchinko, Spleef, mazes, arenas.
* Run your own shops.
* Construct advanced machines using Craftbook Extra - gates, drawbridges, railway stations, factories.
* Fast travel with teleport pads, warps, a railway network, and personal fast travel commands.
* Reputation and friend system.
* Website with sophisticated control panel offering player info, mail, notifications and more.

The server has an active well-maintained wiki with a great deal of player-submitted information about the server, features, commands, towns, buildings, organisations, how-to articles and advice:

Explore the massive and detailed world on the online map, updated in real-time with location info from the wiki:

Large international community with over 200,000 likes on Facebook:

Join us in IRC:
* #minecraftonline on (web chat:

#license #noregistration #pvp #survival #mini-games #spleef-arena


The rules are simple:
* No grief
* No spam
* No cheat clients

Як підключитися і грати на цьому сервері?

  1. У вас повинна бути встановлена гра версії 1.7.10.
    Як це перевірити? При старті лаунчера, версія гри буде відображена праворуч, знизу. Якщо вона іншої версії, вам слід змінити поточний профіль (зліва, знизу) і вибрати версію 1.7.10
  2. Натисніть кнопку ГРАТИ, зачекайте завантаження Minecraft.
  3. Виберіть: Гра у мережі
  4. Натисніть кнопку "Пряме підключення", або якщо хочете зберегти сервер у своєму списку, натискаєте кнопку "Додати сервер"
  5. У поле "Адреса сервера" напишіть: (натисніть, щоб скопіювати)












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