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Игроки: 6/50
Версия: 1.13.2
1.13.2 1.13.1 1.13
Страна: US США
Тип сервера: PC Edition
Тип игры: SMP
Карта: world
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ПО сервера: Paper 1.13.2
SteeltonMC- Simply, Minecraft:

Quick Version:

Our server is set on Hard. We offer Claims to protect you and your builds. There is PvP enabled but not in Claims. Raiding is allowed for those who do not protect. Greifing is also allowed for those who do not protect. Simple server, taking MC back to its roots for an enjoyable experience with nice players and small, devoted staff team.

Long Version:

Our server is a semi-vanilla survival server set on hard mode. Hard mode means that there are lots of mobs and hunger. Semi means that we have a few plugins to make management of the map and your arrival, a little easier. From the start you get a few basic commands: /Spawn, /Home, /Sethome, /Tpa and Tpahere, /Warp, /Trust, /Help, /List, /Wild, /Ignore.

We are also a PvP community, so play carefully. Be smart. Every server has some rules, and we are no exception. Read them on our website and in game with /Rules, obey them, and you'll be fine. Starting out, Guests are exempt from PvP.

Stealing, killing, and griefing are all allowed, so be prepared. We do have a way to make claims to protect you and your home. PvP is disabled in claims. The only safe space location is SpawnTown. So please ask if you're unsure. See our tutorial on claiming land via /Warp Tutorial. If you hate PvP, then we suggest that you travel far away from spawn, or in SpawnTown, or, claim your land.

Team play is encouraged but not required. If you are here to survive and be part of a great community in the process, you'll have a great time. If you love to build, our claims system will ensure that your work is protected. We love great builds!

SteeltonMC Information Guide:

*Welcome to SteeltonMC, we hope you enjoy your time on our server. To help you get started, we have included answers and helpful links to most of your frequently asked questions. *If you have a question that is not listed here, please feel free to post it below, or join us on the server. Someone should be there who can help you.

We have rules, restrictions, and regulations all in place here at Steelton with a fairly high standard that we try to maintain. However the Owner and Staff can and will make final decisions on the way situations are handled and dealt with in all server related aspects. It is asked that you please not question and/or interfere with decisions made and executed by higher ranks. Suggestions are always encouraged and evaluated if they have to deal with relevant, pressing matters and are addressed in a formal, adult manner.

What to expect In-Game:
The overall vision of the server is as follows: a Player vs Player world, with a central spawn hub for everyone to communicate, barter, and explore with one another. Teleportation systems are in place for official settlements and landmarks that have emerged here, so you can get anywhere of importance at little, to no effort. Cities, towns, and villages pop up everywhere; teams and divisions are created. A world to call your own. Impact it anyway/anyhow you want. Massive builds are created by triumphant players building in survival or creative in co-existence with one another. Some, promoted to be one of the most privileged ranks, Builder. We show off these great contributions for all to see and admire. The overall scheme of the server is simple- Create a reliable, self-sub-staining gaming environment. Providing you with all the tools and resources you need to excel at what you love! So please, take a long look at us, and see what we see.

***To be promoted from Guest, please type /Warp Promote. It is very important you study this information. We do not accept ignorence as an excuse if you happen upon any issues. Do not complain about being raided if your land is left unclaimed, do not compain about PvP, we are indeed a Hard, PvP, Survival server. You can type /Near anytime to see who is around your vaciniity.***

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  1. У вас должна быть установлена игра, версии 1.13.2.
    Как это проверить? При старте лаунчера, версия игры будет отображена справа, внизу. Если она другой версии, вам следует изменить текущий профиль (слева, внизу) и выбрать версию 1.13.2
  2. Нажмите кнопку ИГРАТЬ, подождите загрузки игры Minecraft.
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  5. В поле "Адрес сервера" напишите: play.steeltonmc.com:25565 (нажмите, чтобы скопировать)
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