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Гравці: 0/100
Версія: 1.12.2
Країна: US США
Тип сервера: PC Edition
Тип гри: SMP
Мапа: world
Оновлено: Виключений з моніторингу
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ПЗ сервера: CraftBukkit on Bukkit 1.12.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT
Welcome to the Kingdom of Aera, a roleplay server based in medieval times. In the kingdom, you can get a job, build or buy a home, choose a god to follow, shop at our market, get married, start a family and begin building your legacy. We have tons of lore, places and plugins to explore. We have a really friendly community, great staff and regular events.

In the Kingdom of Aera, there are fourteen gods who we worship separately. Five light gods, five dark gods, four neutral gods, each with unique personality traits and pillars of strength that define them. Which god you choose will depend on your play style and personality, pitting you against the other players in the world we call home. There is also a godless faction, the Fallen, who are shunned by all and a Risen faction that follows all of the gods, though it is difficult to achieve this status. You can switch your god, but all choices come with consequences.

Gods will shun you for your choices or welcome you with open arms, depending on who you have wronged. Be careful who you trust, as the world is ever-changing and gods aren't the only ones who can turn their backs on you. Comradery isn't always free and diamonds tempt all who gaze upon them. Will you come out on top, or will you be buried with the coal from whence they came?

Server IP: caiaireaera.mcph.co
Game Version: 1.12.2

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~ Be respectful of your fellow players and staff.
~ Do not impersonate staff.
~ No spamming or excessive emotes.
~ No bullying, annoying or harassing other players.
~ Carry a reasonably calm demeanor in all discussions. Excessive anger is unnecessary. We're all human, but take a moment to breath and calm down.
~ Do not disparage players in a prejudiced (e.g. homophobic or xenophobic) manner.
~ Mild swearing is allowed. Excessive swearing is unnecessary and is disallowed.
~ Do not purposely mislead players about how to play. Encourage players to read /rules.
~ Do not accuse players of using unapproved mods in public channels. Message a mod or admin.
~ Do not engage in mini-modding. Message a mod or admin instead.
~ Do not engage in crude sexual discussions or send pornographic media. Mild sexual discussions are allowed.
~ Do not publicize server names or IP addresses besides ours.
~ No griefing.
~ You can steal if you find a chest or home that hasn't been locked, but if you're caught you can be punished.
~ Do not ask a mod/admin to cheat in items for you. We can't and won't.
~ Do not build a nether portal. If you need to go to the nether, use the one in Enyallus' temple. You can get to it via the nexus.
~ Do not dig down into sacrifice pits. All chests within are locked and inaccessible. If you died from one, speak to a mod or admin. If found digging into one, it will be considered griefing.
~ No bending or magic in cities. Use /b t to toggle your bending off.
~ Murder is illegal in towns or at grinders is illegal unless they have a bounty, but legal outside of town. However, the castle is a safe place--any and all murders taking place within or on the grounds is considered an illegal act that will result in immediate jailing. It is also illegal to kill someone you have placed a bounty on.
~ Do not break or place blocks (i.e. grief) in bases made by someone besides you unless you have received permission to.
~ Do not claim bases made by someone besides you unless you have received permission to or it is confirmed to be abandoned.

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