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Гравці: 0/40
Версія: 1.15.2
Країна: US США
Тип сервера: PC Edition
Тип гри: SMP
Мапа: world
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ПЗ сервера: Spigot 1.15.2
Architects MC is a collaborative community focused on only one thing, quality. We live and strive to create the most stunning architectural works of art that you will have ever seen.

We have been working for quite some time, through many iterations of this same society to create something magical. We hope to make something to inspire and motivate others to do the same. This is the place where we put out ideas from the deepest parts of our imagination and creativity for you to view, and possibly even add to. We build to the scale of great cities and stunning megabuilds. We even scale down our projects down to the slimmest of townhouses and the simplest of homes. No matter what we do, you will see quality.

We hope to gain someone like you to be part of our amazing community. Feel free to join us, we’re always looking for new talent.

#noregistration #creative #survival

Реєстрація та вхід

How to apply


Firstly you need a portfolio of builds, something to impress us with. You can do this by using Imgur.com to upload your images of your builds, the minimum being 8. You can use your 'PlanetMinecraft' account as an alternative portfolio or to strengthen your Imgur portfolio.


Now you've done that, go to the application page and go through the steps, they're quite simple! We ask for your email only incase of emergency contact - if you supply your 'PlanetMinecraft' page alongside your application portfolio then we would most likely use that.


Now you're done, wait until you get an email or you're contacted on 'Planet Minecraft' regarding the output of the application. Good luck!


Common Rules

1. Do not under any circumstances disrespect anyone on the server.
2. Do not joke about serious topics such as cancer, death or suicide.
3. Be sensible.
4. Use common sense. Don't ask 'how do I get owner', you won't.

Builder Rules

1. Griefing is not permitted on our server. Griefing will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
2. Any pixel art outside of plots will be removed.
3. Please do not steal builds that were created by you. This will also result in a permanent ban.
4. Do not place AFK traps.

Guest Rules

1. Do not use any Hacks/Clients.
2. Do not ask staff to check your building application. Do /plot done and we will get to it.
3. Do not harass by means of disrespect or profanity.
4. Do not spam fireworks or make lag machines.
5. If you are denied, you have to make significant changes to your build before submitting again.
6. Worldedit will not be avaliable to you until you have reached the next rank. Please do not ask for it while applying.

Town Rules

1. In order to create a town, you must have the rank Architect or above.
2. Please ask a staff member to create a town.
3. If you are allowed to create a town, please find a place not near any other towns that is in a large area.
4. Once you've found an area, make a town plan. It must consist of a road design and a plan of how your town will look.
5. Town names with any rude words or profanity in them will be removed.
6. On the information area of your town, please state whether your town is private or public.
7. Your town must have plots of all different sizes and types.
8. Your town must be detailed.

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