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Версия: 1.14.2
1.13.2 1.12.2 1.9.4
Страна: US США
Тип сервера: PC Edition
Тип игры: FML
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ПО сервера: Paper 1.14.2
Welcome to Odincraft Networks

We are a Towny / Survival / McMMO / Jobs / Quests server. It's currently on Open Beta as we are continuously working on adding more features and improving on the gameplay, but people are welcome to take part on the process by giving their input and discuss. We listen to the players, this is what makes us unique from most of the servers out there. Join our Discord now! (link below)

In OdinCraft, you'll advance through a very unique tiered ranking system. The logic behind the design is to encourage everyone to collaborate with each other, while discovering your true talents. They are developed so you can work towards and achieve higher ranks, goals, and quests while bringing your Minecraft experience a whole different point. Each ranks will unlock a number of unique perks which differs from the rest.

For a fun mid-game experience, we introduce you the Advanced Enchantments acquirable by spending your XP levels. There are 133 Custom Enchants available for you to explore See the list here: https://pastebin.com/NGsJ6Td7.

Come and check it out!

Note: Even though we are called open beta, survival maps will NOT be reset after we launched. Follow our Discord server for more information.

Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/jvswcu4

#towny #creative #survival #events #eventworld #network #odincraft

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Welcome to the official OdinCraft server!

To maintain a mature and fun experience within our communities Discord server, we ask each user to adhere to the below set of rules. The desire of the OdinCraft community is to have a Discord server that will bring an enjoyable experience to the community as a whole. Any deviation thereof may result in removal at the staff's discretion.

General Rules
#. Spamming and trolling will not be tolerated.
#. No NSFW material on any channel. This is against Discord's TOS.
#. Be respectful towards everyone, whatever your reasoning is, insulting is never tolerated.
#. Please use common sense, and have fun!

Text Rules
#. Do not spam chat.
#. Do not harass or disrespect other users.
#. Keep the topic channel specific.

Voice Rules
#. Do not mic spam. Yelling, loud noises/songs etc.
#. If you join a room and the occupants ask you to leave, leave.

Other Notes
#. Use common sense.
#. Do not argue with a staff member's decision.
#. Do not use alternative accounts if you get banned or muted.
#. If you are muted, DM the staff member and ask why.
#. If you do get banned, you can appeal it by emailing us.
# NO Advertising of other servers, everywhere, both Discord and In Game.
# Do not beg for mod or any other staff positions.

You are welcome to invite your friends, here's our invite link:

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