Dog's Servers : Neanderthals [HARD/ONLINE] [1.12.2]

This server offers you a unique game experience*, not seen yet in Minecraft (and other games?). Be like a Neanderthal. Free, no rules and limits coming with the higher intelligence of the more successful Sapiens brother. Want something? Take it! You're Neanderthal, you can do anything.

In this world, the law of the strongest, the right to survive, regardless of a more reasonable solution or cooperation, rules. Without a common language, the chances of a successful community are zero. An element that ensures lasting peace in more advanced civilizations. How is Neanderthal going around without him?

Do you challenge anyone you see or wait with a little hope in a non-conflictual resolution to put you at risk? Do you steal and destroy all the valuable, or do you put your hand to the work and create a functioning company? Everything is in your hands.

You will find yourself on a server that does not limit any rules. Rules are made by each player himself. Impossibility to contact with other players allows unprecedented encounters with lots of interesting situations. However, on cheaters without a game goal we always shine :-).

Chance to contact is not so great for non-conflicting players, so the server is also suitable for them, but it does not provide the social background that is on our Chill server. Entry is free, without registration. Neanderthal is part of every game.

Neanderthals is suitable for anyone who wants to play "just so" and does not want to get involved too much in projects or socialization. Such a single-player experience with live NPCs! It's up to you, whether you're going to be hurt, build underground fortifications, or run into duels with other Neanderthals.

Still did not get you? We do not need to mention that the server has the same level of management and monitoring as our other servers, including 100% server stability, and we do not need to keep up with regular maintenance.

* The game experiment is inspired by an extinct branch of human, named "Homo Neanderthalensis", without whose extinction and subsequent inspiration would not come (rest in fossil). They are not trying to simulate or faithfully represent their lives. At the end, has nothing to do with Neaderthals and only uses a generally valid presumption of their primitiveness and aggression.



Информация о сервере

Сервер расположен в стране Чехия , ip адрес и порт сервера: , сейчас сервер работает и на нем играют 0 игроков , максимальный онлайн 10 игроков был 16.03.2016 21:30:39 , всего на сервере доступно 20 слотов . На сервере установлено 20 плагинов , последнее обновление статуса было 20.02.2018 21:07:38, то есть 7 минут назад.

Как подключиться и играть на этом сервере?

  1. У вас должна быть установлена игра версии 1.12.2, как это проверить? Все просто! При запуске лаунчера, версия игры будет отображена справа, внизу. Если она другой версии, вам следует изменить текущий профиль (слева, внизу) и выбрать соответствующую версию клиента.
  2. Нажимаем кнопку ИГРАТЬ или PLAY, ждем загрузки Minecraft.
  3. Выбираем в меню: Сетевая игра
  4. Нажимаем кнопку "Прямое подключение", или если хотите сохранить сервер в своем списке, нажимаете кнопку "Добавить сервер"
  5. В поле "Адрес сервера" напишите: (нажмите, чтобы скопировать в буфер)

Опции и моды

Без регистрации PvP Выживание Кланы Прятки



  • 09.09.2017 15:23
    ZonnysI have a hut here

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ip адрес и порт сервера

Информация о сервере ·

Статус: онлайн
Игроки: 0/20
Версия: 1.12.2
Страна: CZ Чехия
Тип сервера: PC Edition
Тип игры: SMP
Карта: Neanderthalia
Посл. онлайн:
Посл. оффлайн:
ПО сервера: CraftBukkit on Bukkit 1.12.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT