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Игроки: 0/80
Версия: 1.16
Страна: CA Канада
Тип сервера: PC Edition
Тип игры: FML
Карта: world
Обновлен: Исключен из мониторинга
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ПО сервера: Waterfall 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x, 1.13.x, 1.14.x, 1.15.x, 1.16.x
Server IP: CraftedSerenity.com
Server Website: http://PlayCSMC.com

* Server Name: Crafted Serenity
* Server location: New York
* Website: http://playcsmc.com
* IP Address: playcs.in
* Game Play: [Survival]
* About us: Crafted Serenity has run since March 1st 2016, with a great track record of grief prevention, customer service, reliability and uptime. We are incredibly community based; the greatest attraction of the server is the friends you will make. We offer a main survival map, with plugins to ensure that our players are able to build without the presence of griefers. We have many addons such as MCMMO, Jobs, Towny, Grief Prevention, ChestShops, Quests, Lottery, And Other Fun Events!
This server is one of the best community based server where you are welcome to share your stories here with others and those are willing to listen. A very happy and open community which allows successful stress relief and a "way out" of reality for a period of time. CS staff are dedicated to support all players and how they are truly feeling a very unique experience. This allows you to truly feel free to creating your own Minecraft world and relieve all that stress from school, work or anything else!
Love Crafted Serenity ♥

* Rules: Please handle yourself as a responsible player handling your interactions with others both on the server and in the community at large. Pestering people for powers is quite perturbing and patently preposterous, please. Easiest way to get banned is to pour lava on someone's house. This is not a pvp server. All actions are logged. Do not steal, destroy, or otherwise grief.
* Mods: We have a team of mods to help new players get situated and with powers to help anyone who has been griefed. However their powers don’t allow for upsetting the survival balance i.e. Item spawning, free teleportation, etc.

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&b[1] &fNo; Raiding / Griefing / Stealing.
&b[2] &fNo; AFK Pools or ANY other type of machines or ways to bypass the AFK Auto-Kick.
&b[4] &fNo; Scamming / Trolling / Flaming.
&b[5] &fNo; Swearing / CAPS / Spamming.
&b[6] &fNo; Hacks or Mods that will give you an advantage over other players.
&b[7] &fPlease; keep all arguments in /msg and not Global Chat.
&b[8] &fNo; Advertising For Servers / Sites / Realms
&b[9] &fNo; Racist or Sexist remarks.
&b[10] &fYou; are responsible for your own account.
&b[11a] &fStaff;'s Decisions are final.
&b[11b] &fDo; not provoke staff.
&b[12] &fPlease; do not bring race/culture remarks into the server.
&b[13] &fPlease; keep the chat PG-13.
&b[14] &fDo; not make suicidal / self harm jokes.
&b[15] &fRespawn; / Spawn and TP killing is not allowed.
&b[*] &cFailure; to obey these rules can result in a Mute, Kick or even a Ban. It is your responsibility to read /rules and oblige by them.

Как подключиться и играть на этом сервере?

  1. У вас должна быть установлена игра, версии 1.16.
    Как это проверить? При старте лаунчера, версия игры будет отображена справа, внизу. Если она другой версии, вам следует изменить текущий профиль (слева, внизу) и выбрать версию 1.16
  2. Нажмите кнопку ИГРАТЬ, подождите загрузки игры Minecraft.
  3. Выберите: Сетевая игра
  4. Нажмите кнопку "Прямое подключение", или если хотите сохранить сервер в своем списке, нажимаете кнопку "Добавить сервер"
  5. В поле "Адрес сервера" напишите: playcs.in:25565 (нажмите, чтобы скопировать)
  • playcs.in:25565












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  • 18.09.2017 23:02
    FizzyFireA Really nice server, with great genuine staff that will help you when ever, I've been playing since February, shame i didn't find this server any earlier!
  • 01.07.2017 12:11
    FryteningIf you want to play on a server with a bunch of Nazis that spend all of their time trying to crush your desire to play Minecraft, this is the server for you! You will never find a server with more immature, racist, bigoted staff members.

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