Skins 64x64

Knight171298 minecraft skin
Knight171298 64x64
Nikachu minecraft skin
Nikachu 64x64
069b7626756913 minecraft skin
069b7626756913 64x64
3057d657100372 minecraft skin
3057d657100372 64x64
xLunaria minecraft skin
xLunaria 64x64
d8a2a82232280c minecraft skin
d8a2a82232280c 64x64
TheFaser minecraft skin
TheFaser 64x64
Tamiia minecraft skin
Tamiia 64x64
327a94ef969cc5 minecraft skin
327a94ef969cc5 64x64
f5dc16e0f26136 minecraft skin
f5dc16e0f26136 64x64
e4525857b1d50c minecraft skin
e4525857b1d50c 64x64
flizzyyy minecraft skin
flizzyyy 64x64
Ostaralon minecraft skin
Ostaralon 64x64
Gegl minecraft skin
Gegl 64x64
74c6f852d8974c minecraft skin
74c6f852d8974c 64x64
dfa1d7d7560de7 minecraft skin
dfa1d7d7560de7 64x64
dumptrucking minecraft skin
dumptrucking 64x64
2e3736c474cba7 minecraft skin
2e3736c474cba7 64x64
SofortRush minecraft skin
SofortRush 64x64
0ecacf2b8febd0 minecraft skin
0ecacf2b8febd0 64x64
MrEnder12 minecraft skin
MrEnder12 64x64
70246c0a29fdc3 minecraft skin
70246c0a29fdc3 64x64
SizzleMomma minecraft skin
SizzleMomma 64x64
b8f65474ebabdf minecraft skin
b8f65474ebabdf 64x64
e0448133bd32b7 minecraft skin
e0448133bd32b7 64x64
Balipop minecraft skin
Balipop 64x64
Test minecraft skin
Test 64x64
Linatonia minecraft skin
Linatonia 64x64
GamerNici minecraft skin
GamerNici 64x64
GothamGame minecraft skin
GothamGame 64x64

Skins with size of 64x64

Most often, our users want to find the right size skin. Why skins are different sizes? - You ask, the answer is very simple: before Minecraft version 1.8, skins were the size 64x32, and starting with version 1.8, the skins have a size of 64x64. Why size increased? - Simple, by comparison with the previous version, appeared in a new helmet, armor, coats - they are not placed in a 64x32 texture and it had to increase the size to 64x64. Now you have chosen the size of skins:
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What are the advantages of our collection of skins?

  • Database is updated automatically.
  • We do not have the same skin, all the skins are unique.
  • You can find skin by nickname and download it for free, in one click.
  • Choose skins by tags, color, size 64x32, 64x64 or browse full list of skins
  • Here you can find out who else is using the skin, as we have the largest and most current base Minecraft players, in which more than 58 million records.
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What is a skin? Skin is the appearance of your character in the Minecraft game. Depending on which skin you chose, your character can be a boy or girl, a fairy magician or villain, an animal or a robot, a hero of your favorite movie or a cartoon. Soon we will try to automatically tag the key characteristics of the skins. I'm sure that everyone will find a skin to their liking! Enjoy watching!