Skins 64x64

Iobit minecraft skin
Iobit 64x64
9c7617feca127c minecraft skin
9c7617feca127c 64x64
DESSA1993 minecraft skin
DESSA1993 64x64
SaeedG231 minecraft skin
SaeedG231 64x64
7a3ebec86730c1 minecraft skin
7a3ebec86730c1 64x64
ee51a2e0ec8e3b minecraft skin
ee51a2e0ec8e3b 64x64
zAbgem1cht minecraft skin
zAbgem1cht 64x64
d2eae925299af4 minecraft skin
d2eae925299af4 64x64
12624fe084bff4 minecraft skin
12624fe084bff4 64x64
3b8182943e39c1 minecraft skin
3b8182943e39c1 64x64
Bluiy minecraft skin
Bluiy 64x64
4da7d5fdc5dfa2 minecraft skin
4da7d5fdc5dfa2 64x64
4de1d151c7e0a4 minecraft skin
4de1d151c7e0a4 64x64
b1a2995a30a745 minecraft skin
b1a2995a30a745 64x64
e119b221f0ca5f minecraft skin
e119b221f0ca5f 64x64
87ea26fc3b434d minecraft skin
87ea26fc3b434d 64x64
46c711a8f773d4 minecraft skin
46c711a8f773d4 64x64
219125dd89c0d1 minecraft skin
219125dd89c0d1 64x64
m8ritz minecraft skin
m8ritz 64x64
50ad1758030ac9 minecraft skin
50ad1758030ac9 64x64
678a11664cd022 minecraft skin
678a11664cd022 64x64
c12adbd3ba65eb minecraft skin
c12adbd3ba65eb 64x64
10993ec8b802d2 minecraft skin
10993ec8b802d2 64x64
64b04c732bbfc5 minecraft skin
64b04c732bbfc5 64x64
f10b8ce595919b minecraft skin
f10b8ce595919b 64x64
7fd9fae27a1947 minecraft skin
7fd9fae27a1947 64x64
4eca9ba40afc90 minecraft skin
4eca9ba40afc90 64x64
f4d729e0735f3d minecraft skin
f4d729e0735f3d 64x64
ffbf06382e020b minecraft skin
ffbf06382e020b 64x64
5c1e7c47d14d5f minecraft skin
5c1e7c47d14d5f 64x64

Skins with size of 64x64

Most often, our users want to find the right size skin. Why skins are different sizes? - You ask, the answer is very simple: before Minecraft version 1.8, skins were the size 64x32, and starting with version 1.8, the skins have a size of 64x64. Why size increased? - Simple, by comparison with the previous version, appeared in a new helmet, armor, coats - they are not placed in a 64x32 texture and it had to increase the size to 64x64. Now you have chosen the size of skins:
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What are the advantages of our collection of skins?

  • Database is updated automatically.
  • We do not have the same skin, all the skins are unique.
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What is a skin? Skin is the appearance of your character in the Minecraft game. Depending on which skin you chose, your character can be a boy or girl, a fairy magician or villain, an animal or a robot, a hero of your favorite movie or a cartoon. Soon we will try to automatically tag the key characteristics of the skins. I'm sure that everyone will find a skin to their liking! Enjoy watching!