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-]-- MineWorldCraft --[- Dupe,Clans,Marry Casino,HungerGames,Spleef,MobArena,Parkour

Bedwars, skywars, spleef, дюп, работы, выживание, кланы, свадьбы, pvp, супер обновление, скидки на донат, админка всем рады всем ВСЕМ VIP!
  • 1.10

Для игры на нашем сервере вам необходимо зарегистрироваться на нашем сайте и зайти через наш лаунчер! •○ஜ♥DomineeRPGஜ○♥• ☼ Сервер, где ты, а не тебя ... ☼ ♥ Версия 1.7.1 - 50 слотов ♥…
  • 1.7.10

Test 1.10.2 Forge+Sponge Server

[GENIUSPRO.RU] - Класcический ПВП сервер игры minecraft 1.10. Хороший /kit starter, есть /kit food и /kit bonus. Моб арена, Сплиф арена, админ шоп, экономика, полезный спавн. Работает сервер 24/7. Адекватные администраторы,…
  • 1.10.2
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Welcome Home boys\!

A new adventures begins, play in the beginning of Minecraft timeline, before all civilizations established and fall out, this means that there are no ruins nor undead apocalypse!
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MineCraft Bukkit

  • 1.8

Minecraft servers with mod Divine RPG

a list of servers with the popular RPG-mod — Divine RPG. Divine RPG - this is one of the largest ever created mods. This mod massively expands the game, making it more fantastic and interesting. There is a set of new measurements with unique mobs, ores, weapons, armor, generation and more. You will find a really interesting system of player development. Because now is really fun to choose your weapons, armor and equipment. Survive will be much more difficult and exciting. You can choose an easy angelic armor with the ability to fly, and can and heavy halite, in which you will be protected from the world. You will see a huge number of enemies, and against each of them can come up with their tactics of warfare. Everyone can create their own unique style in this vast and mysterious world of Divine RPG.

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