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State: offline
IP address and port:
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Players: 0/1000
Version: 1.11
1.13.2 1.13.1 1.13 1.12.2 1.12.1 1.12 1.11.2 1.11 1.10.2 1.10 1.9.4 1.9.2 1.9 1.8.9 1.8.8
Country: US USA
Server type: PC Edition
Game type: FML
Map: world
Updated: Excluded from monitoring
Last online:
Last offline:
Server software: BungeeCord 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x
DivineSkyblock is a handmade, 24/7 and partially custom made Skyblock server soon to become an Network. We have a Custom Built Spawn, Custom Plugins, Custom Perks, ranks.
You name it, we probably have it!
We pay for sponsorships for YouTubers and Streamers to come on the network and help promote us. Anyways! Enough of the chitchat, and lets get into the point.

Release: Wednesday, 15th May 2019 @ 8pm GMT+1, with tons of Giveaways, and so much more happening!
Come and join in with the fun, over at DivineSkyblock today!
IP: divineskyblock.xyz
Discord: https://discord.gg/n6t5E2t

#skyblock #custom #customenchants #customitems #shop #buycraft #all #versions

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1. Excessive caps ~ Please do not use excessive caps within our server.
2. Spam ~ Please do not spam. Spamming = repeating the same message & typing one sentence in multiple messages. Any attempts to break it will result as a punishment.
3. Being Rude To Users ~ Self explanatory. Any attempts to be rude to any user in any form will result as a punishment. This rule counts scamming, harassing user, being racist & revealing personal information.
4. Trolling ~ Self explanatory. Anything that doesn't seem right to you or allowed, just don't do it. This rule also includes "Press ALT + F4 for a free rank".
5. Mini Modding ~ Mini Modding means doing the staff's job. If we catch you do that, we'll sadly have to punish you. If you'd like to moderate, you may apply when we announce that the staff application is open.
6. Arguing With Staff/Members ~ Please do not argue with any user in the server. If we catch you arguing with any of our staff about a punishment, we'll sadly have to punish you again.
7. Advertising/Unapproved Links ~ Any attempt to advertise or send a link will result as a punishment.
8. Impersonating ~ Please do not impersonate any of our member, doing so will result as a punishment.
9. Cheating/Bug abusing ~ You're not allowed to cheat or abuse any bugs you fine. If we catch you doing so, it'll be an instant punishment with no appeal.
10. Being inappropriate ~ Being inappropriate in chat, having an inappropriate skin, cape or username will result as an instant ban until changed.
If you have a problem / question about the server then feel free to DM/Ping any staff member that is available.

These rules may change every now and then! If you break a new rule, you may not say "I didn't know". Please check the rules every once in a while! We'll try to remember to make an announcement every time we change them.

How to connect and play on this server?

  1. You must have the game version 1.11 installed.
    How to check? At startup, the game version will be displayed on the right, at the bottom. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom) and select version 1.11
  2. Click the PLAY button, wait for the Minecraft game to load.
  3. Choose: Multiplayer
  4. Click the button "Direct connect", or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button "Add server"
  5. In the field "Server address" write: (click to copy)




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