iiiiiiiiii Welcome to AndaparCraft! iiiiiiiiii Updated to 1.11!

State: offline
IP address and port:
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Players: 0/12000
Version: 1.11.2
Country: US USA
Server type: PC Edition
Game type: SMP
Map: world
Updated: Excluded from monitoring
Last online:
Last offline:
Server software: CraftBukkit on Bukkit 1.11.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT
Hello! Welcome to AndaparCraft, a Minecraft server, where you can experience the survival gamemode in all its glory! This server comes jam-packed with features to make your survival gameplay more exciting, adventurous, and mysterious! Don't fancy plain old boring survival? Worry not! AndaparCraft is not the typical survival! On our server, you can team up with your friends, and raid others! Don't get us confused with Factions, though, because people can backstab each other much easier! Here at AndaparCraft, we like to think it adds a bit of a challenge to the game, as well as enhancing your knowledge on who you can trust and who will bring you to your knees. Still not satisfied? AndaparCraft also includes Role-play, Parkour, and PVP gamemodes! Overall, AndaparCraft is the #1 Server for Raid Survival!


All laws of New York state & New Jersey are applied to AndaparCraft.
Be respectful.
Be ethical.
Use common sense.
Do not advertise any website links, server IPs, etc.
Do not ask for staff or ranks
Do not spam
Respect staff
Do not break the rules
Raiding is allowed.
Stealing is allowed.
PVP is allowed.
Betrayal is allowed.
Do not curse.
Do not hack.
Do not use caps excessively.
Do not use unapproved mods.
Do not minimod.
Do not argue with staff.
Do not hackusate.
Do not chat troll.
Do not talk about other servers.
Do not act in an inappropriate manner.
Do not say any unapproved links.
Do not act in an abusive manner.
Do not harass others.
Do not make DDOS threats.
Do not make death threats.
Do not discriminate.
Do not reveal personal information.
Do not impersonate others.
Do not exploit bugs.
Do not use signs to communicate while muted.
Do not use an inappropriate username.
Do not use an inappropriate nickname.
Do not use an inappropriate skin/cape.
Do not endorse suicide/murder.
Do not blackmail.

Approved Mods:
5zig version 3.3.6+
Labymod version 2.6+ & Labymod Toggle Sprint
Too Many Items (Continued on next page)
Shaders Mods
Capes Mods
Better Animations/Player Animations Mod
Blocks3D Mod
Not Enough Items
Gamma/Brightness mods (in which the only feature is gamma/brightness)
Any mods which have no effect to gameplay such as Pixelmon or Auto-Respawn.
Better Sprint Mod
InGame info mod
bspkr's Armor, Direction and Status effect HUDs
UHC Essentials
Joystick mod (or other controller/gamepad mods)
Pop Enchant Tags

How to connect and play on this server?

  1. You must have installed the game version of 1.11.2, how to check? It's simple! When you run the launcher, version of the game will be displayed right below. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom), and select the appropriate version of the client.
  2. Push the button PLAY, wait for load Minecraft.
  3. Select from the menu: Multiplayer
  4. Push the button "Direct connect", or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button "Add server"
  5. In the field "Server address" write: (click to copy to clipboard)




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