Userbars for wsad

We provide beautiful userbar for server wsad as the status and statistics. We have made ​​a banner image format that allows you to paste them on almost any forum or website. For advanced users, we provide a HTML version of the banner, and for the gurus - all monitoring data format JSON, read more about using here , also, you will find some simple examples of how make a beautiful server status using our API

HTML banner of server state

Userbar 560 x 90

Userbar 560x90 with online players chart for server

Userbar 350 x 20 gray

Userbar gray 350x20 for

Userbar 350 x 20 purple

Userbar purple 350x20 for

Userbar 320 x 64 in minecraft style

Userbar 320x64 in minecraft style for

HTML block of Top Players + online designer