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Our monitoring records statistics for the server from 08.02.2016. Total monitoring time, the server has been online 99.77% of the time. The average server load per day, about 11%. This Minecraft server runs on §cMinecraft 1.8-1.11 for the PC platform. The current version of the game, which is supported by the server - Minecraft 1.11.

Player Stats for this server is not available, because the server does not give a list of players in the survey. If you want the monitoring of your server built rated players - include in your server settings, return the list of players. By default, this option should be enabled.

With all the monitoring data and statistics can be found on this page, including a list of plug-ins (if exists), the list of players online, the server audience for the last week, month or year, ranking the server, the maximum online, and much more. We are constantly adding new data and metrics that you can use on your site using our API.

State: online
Players: 2/1000
Version: 1.11
Country: DE Germany
Server type: PC Edition
Game type: FML
Map: world
Last online:
Last offline:
Server software: §cMinecraft 1.8-1.11

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Server monitoring

SuperSky Survival 1.11

Небольшой сервер для спокойной но не легкой игры без лагов и читеров. - Сервер на ВЫЖИВАНИЕ! - Никакой халявы нет! - Привилегии не даются и не продаются. Доната нет! - PvP только ночью или на PvP…
  • 1.11
Server monitoring

⚓ PirateCraft ⚓ ⚔ Survival, Working ships & Cannons ⚔

Leave the small spawn shipwreck to start building and looting straight away, rank up to build and sail your own ship, equip it with cannons and rain clustebomb fire upon your enemies! You can protect your land and buildings using a golden shovel, We have up-to date detailed information on each subject on our website.
  • 1.11
Server monitoring

MYM-Lobby Version: 1.7.10 & 1.8

  • 1.7.10


Регистрация на сайте там же можно прочитать правила сервера и задонатить
  • 1.10
Server monitoring

+++ Happy New �Year! - 2017 - +++

  • 1.11.2

A Minecraft Server

  • 1.8.8

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