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Our monitoring records statistics for the server from 08.02.2016. Total monitoring time, the server has been online 99.77% of the time. The average server load per day, about 0%. This Minecraft server runs on Spigot 1.11.2 for the PC platform. The current version of the game, which is supported by the server - Minecraft 1.11.2.

For this server, our monitoring keeps statistics on the players, you can get acquainted with the section it ranked players. Player stats based on total time spent on the server for all time, is also available statistics for today and yesterday. Overall rating of players is updated once a day. For each player has a private page of statistics, where you can view the full history of the player - the total time online, as well as the server on which it is played.

With all the monitoring data and statistics can be found on this page, including a list of plug-ins (if exists), the list of players online, the server audience for the last week, month or year, ranking the server, the maximum online, and much more. We are constantly adding new data and metrics that you can use on your site using our API.

State: online
Players: 1/16
Version: 1.11.2
Country: ES Spain
Server type: PC Edition
Game type: SMP
Map: world
Last online:
Last offline:
Server software: Spigot 1.11.2

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Max online


Max per day


Players online (1)

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Server monitoring

Обновление. Новый спавн и новая версия.

◖Паркур◗ ◖Прятки◗ ◖SurvivalGames◗ ◖Моб Арена◗ ◖Кейсы с плюшками◗ ◖Розыгрыши доната от ютубера◗ ◖Раздачи ресов от администрации◗ ◖Плоский мир◗ ◖Честное PVP◗ ◖Тюрьма◗ ◖Друзья◗ ◖2 Авто-шахты◗…
  • 1.11.2
Server monitoring

⤞ ⠰⢾⣿░▒▓ KnightAge ⚔ ➴1.11.2➶ ▓▒░⣿⡷⠰ ⤝ Выживание ➪ RPG ➫ Экономика ➬ Ранги ➭ Средневековье

Новый развивающийся сервер по Майнкрафту 1.11.2 с тематикой средневековья. Сервер ориентирован на выживание, при этом присутствует честная торговля, ранги (зарабатываемые достижениями), полезные…
Server monitoring

SuperSky Survival 1.11.2

Небольшой сервер для спокойной но не легкой игры без лагов и читеров. - Сервер на ВЫЖИВАНИЕ! - Никакой халявы нет! - Привилегии не даются и не продаются. Доната нет! - PvP только ночью или на PvP…
  • 1.11.2

●•● MarvelWorld ●•● [1.8-1.11.2] Покупка доната на сайте

Сервер MarvelWorld - это полноценная жизнь в майнкрафте! Наши города полны интересных сооружений, вы не устанете открывать для себя новые и новые здания и площади на сервере! Всё что есть в реальной…
Server monitoring

HardFrost-PvP Apocalyptic World

  • 1.11.2
Server monitoring

e Vanilla High 1.11 e No hacking/grief/raid. Keep Inventory.

Weekly Lotto Open! Vanilla High 1.10, your build-focused/community-oriented Vanilla server. We don't allow griefing/raiding and unwarranted PvP. Keep Inventory is enabled to help players navigate the treacherous customized terrain without the concern of losing their inventory on death. We also require of players a maximum effort to keep the…
  • 1.11.2

Welcome to HydroClense

  • 1.11.2

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