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Server located in Germany , server ip address and port: , now server is works and it played 81 players , maximum online 581 players was 15.01.2017 16:36:15 , total available slot on server — 555 , last status updated was 17.01.2018 09:06:48, 9 minutes ago.

How to connect and play on this server?

  1. You must have installed the game version of 1.10.2, how to check? It's simple! When you run the launcher, version of the game will be displayed right below. If it is a different version, you should change the current profile (left, bottom), and select the appropriate version of the client.
  2. Push the button PLAY, wait for load Minecraft.
  3. Select from the menu: Multiplayer
  4. Push the button "Direct connect", or if you want to keep the server in its list, press the button "Add server"
  5. In the field "Server address" write: (click to copy to clipboard)


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server ip address and port

Server info ·

State: online
Players: 81/555
Version: 1.10.2
Country: DE Germany
Server type: PC Edition
Game type: FML
Map: world
Last online:
Last offline:
Server software: BungeeCord 1.8 1.10.2