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Player rankings based on the total time spent on server |||FlyingFish Skyblock||| Fly like a fish!. TOP of the best players being from the moment of adding a server to monitor (08.02.2016), updated statistics and simulated time occurs once a day. This list shows the best players |||FlyingFish Skyblock||| Fly like a fish! server.

In TOP 4 players. Last updated ranking players was 2018.02.22 07:04. The rating will be updated 2018.02.23 02:59.

All Time

# Playername Time
1 AudioSlave823 AudioSlave823 1:20 h
2 Meherekhadri Meherekhadri 1:20 h
3 EnderGaming0906 EnderGaming0906 1:40 h
4 daqwankoenig daqwankoenig 0:10 h

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