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Status: offline
IP-Adresse und Port:
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Spieler: 0/500
Version: 1.12
Land: US USA
Servertyp: PC Edition
Spielmodus: FML
Karte: world
Datum hinzugefügt:
Zuletzt online:
Zuletzt offline:
Serversoftware: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x
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Project Void is a survival minecraft server that focuses on giving a comfortable yet unique gaming experience.

We hope to give players a rich Towny experience along with an exposure to a player run economy. Since we are a server that wants to grow and become distinguishable within the Minecraft community, we are sincere in giving every player the chance to make history - whether it be small or large - within this community.


We believe that a survival server should stick mostly to the laws of Vanilla Minecraft. If your items are stolen, then it is your job to earn the items back - not for us to recover them for you. If you live in the wilderness, and your home gets destroyed by another player, then it is your job to rebuild your home. This is so the server will still feel like a survival server, despite having all of these plugins that make vanilla functions in Minecraft obsolete. The only actions a player can commit that will cause them to be punished are some simple and obvious ones.

Do not cheat.

Do not hack/x-ray.

Do not harass/bully other players.

Do not glitch through blocks that will bring you to places you shouldn’t be (there are some exceptions to this rule).

Do not find ways to destroy blocks you shouldn’t be able to destroy.

Do not advertise for other servers.

All of these actions are grounds for a ban. Of course, every ban is appealable - but many offenses can cause a ban to become permanent.


It is difficult to gather the right amount of money to let the server continue on. Donations will help keep the server up and running! Each donation rank will provide the players with different perks and bonuses that other players cannot have.

Check out the link below to see the available ranks:



Join our server at play.projectvoid.net

Wie verbinde ich mich und spiele auf diesem Server?

  1. Sie müssen das Spiel installiert haben, Version 1.12.
    Wie kann ich das überprüfen? Wenn Sie den Launcher starten, wird die Version des Spiels rechts unten angezeigt. Wenn es sich um eine andere Version handelt, sollten Sie das aktuelle Profil (links unten) ändern und Version 1.12 auswählen
  2. Klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche PLAY, warten Sie, bis das Minecraft-Spiel geladen wird.
  3. Wähle: Multiplayer
  4. Klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche "Direkte Verbindung" oder, wenn Sie den Server in Ihrer Liste speichern möchten, klicken Sie auf "Server hinzufügen"
  5. Im Feld "Serveradresse" schreiben Sie: play.projectvoid.net:25565 (Klicken Sie, um zu kopieren)
  • play.projectvoid.net:25565












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