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Spieler: 15/100
Version: 1.12.2
Land: US USA
Servertyp: PC Edition
Spielmodus: SMP
Karte: world
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Serversoftware: CraftBukkit on Bukkit 1.12.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT
Welcome to the Kingdom of Aera. You can get a job, build or buy a home, choose a God to follow, shop at our market, get married, start a family and build your legacy.

In the Kingdom of Aera, there are ten gods who we worship separately. Three light gods, three dark gods, three neutral gods and one god above them all. Which god you choose will depend in your play style and personality, pitting you against the other players in the world we call home.
There is also a godless faction, the Fallen, as well as a Risen faction that follows all of the Gods, though it is difficult to achieve this status. You can switch your God, but all choices come with consequences. Some Gods will shun you for your choices while some will welcome you back, though others will not. Not only the Gods, but your fellow followers can also turn on you.

The majority of our current players are in their teens or twenties, but we're okay with younger or older players so long as they're mature. Since most of us have day jobs or school, we primarily play at night and occasionally in the mornings, though we're pretty active on weekends. We use Discord regularly if you want to be on call with us. You don't have to have a mic, but it would be nice if you could hear us and have a place to message us when we're out of game.

We are really friendly, but we also like to mess around a bit with pranks here and there, though we don't like total chaos. The general rule is its okay to play a prank, but it isn't okay to take it so far that they have to restart.



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[1] Be respectful of your fellow players and staff.
[2] Do not impersonate staff.
[3] No spamming or excessive emotes.
[4] No bullying or harassing members.
[5] No advertising other servers.
[6] No griefing.
[7] You can steal if you find a chest that hasn't been privated.
[8] Do not build a nether portal. If you need to go to the nether, use the one in Enyallus' temple. You can get to it via the railroad.
[9] Do not bounty farm (I.E. purposely killing someone over and over to get a high bounty, then allowing them to kill you).
[10] No bending or magic in cities. It messes up NPCs, armor stands and terrain.
[11] If you are found hacking or cheating in any way, you will be banned.
[12] Most importantly, have fun!

Wie verbinde ich mich und spiele auf diesem Server?

  1. Sie müssen das Spiel installiert haben, Version 1.12.2.
    Wie kann ich das überprüfen? Wenn Sie den Launcher starten, wird die Version des Spiels rechts unten angezeigt. Wenn es sich um eine andere Version handelt, sollten Sie das aktuelle Profil (links unten) ändern und Version 1.12.2 auswählen
  2. Klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche PLAY, warten Sie, bis das Minecraft-Spiel geladen wird.
  3. Wähle: Multiplayer
  4. Klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche "Direkte Verbindung" oder, wenn Sie den Server in Ihrer Liste speichern möchten, klicken Sie auf "Server hinzufügen"
  5. Im Feld "Serveradresse" schreiben Sie: caiaireaera.mcph.co:53734 (Klicken Sie, um zu kopieren)
  • caiaireaera.mcph.co:53734












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